Almost a year + not quite

I didn't make new artwork for a good year.
Not because I couldn't, I just wouldn't. Let me explain.

I moved over 3 years ago to Belgium and ever since arriving I just made, arranged, re-purposed, produced.
I ended up with a hefty archive of work and met a bunch of great artists, makers, thinkers, and collaborators.

At one point, I had up to eight projects running in parallel. It became increasingly hard to have moments to share my work with the world.
Not complaining, on the contrary, but then that awkward silence comes when people ask — so...what do you do?
What is your work about?
Then you have to blankly stare through them, tired as you are, and admit to yourself: I don't know.

Because when you've got your fingers in a lot of pies - just like non-committal dating - you're enjoying the ride but not seeing much of the view.

I decided to take time out and sift through everything and bring it to the world in a way that would better explain what I do. Both for myself and everyone looking at my work for the first time.

This is what this website is.
A successful half-year collaboration with the only person I actually wanted to design my website, Matthias Deckx.

It's been a trip! Between the two of us, we wrote a short novel via e-mail. I am thankful for Matthias's patience, skill, and passion to go through it with me.
We're very different people. My impulse is always for ornament, extra, vibrant. He is an expert in refining, purifying, clarifying. What you're clicking through is exactly this: the manifest form of a tension between two very different ways of looking at the world. We agree that we couldn't reach this result had we been working separately and both rejoice in the result.

It's exactly this I enjoy about collaboration — the potential to outdo and outgrow your own limitations through the knowledge and experience of others.
So, Mr.Deckx — thank you for the trust!

That being said, it took an army. I would like to thank on this occasion everyone who helped, in even the smallest of ways, to make the website a reality. From family, close friends, and collaborators, to people who simply support what I do. Emotionally, financially, whatever.
Alexander, Maxime, Sophia, Sarah, Ben, Keith, Tiago, Irina — your opinions and advice mean the world to me!

+ that's not quite it — watch this space grow over the coming weeks as more and more content is revealed.